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Now that we are in the middle of the WWDC with the introduction of iOS 7 the blogosphere is in full swing supporting or despising the latest novelties from Apple. It’s always funny, whenever Apple introduces a new product, to read the myriad of articles from Android fanboys going like “this can already be done in Android”, “there are much more powerful Android devices”, etc. Unfortunately all these people still think that Android may compete against Apple creating a better operating system, smartphones with more cores or better cameras, or tablets with more storage options thanks to multi GB SD cards. They don’t notice that Android is not a competitor for Apple, because Apple sell neither smartphones nor tablets. Apple sell neither iPods nor iMacs nor MacBook Pros. No. Apple does not sell devices.

Apple sells the pride of pursuing perfection in every single thing they do. They sell the possibility of reaching millions of people worldwide, improving their lives in ways that were inimaginable a few years ago. They sell the magic of sharing your life’s best feelings and emotions with the people around you. Apple sells happiness, emotion, the longing of improving day after day to help us create a better world. If you think that this is nonsense, please, spend just 10 minutes watching the following video:

You may think this is just marketing, worthless sentimentality or plain silliness compared with your quad-core Samsung Galaxy S4. I would like to explain you why you are wrong, but I’m sure that Simon Sinek will do it far better than me:

To sum up, Android will never be a competitor to Apple as long as people in charge of Android still think that the best way to fight against Apple is to create better operating systems, smartphones and tablets. Apple plays another game.